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To register or for more information about YoglowA’s products and services please contact:  Christina      christina@yoglowa.com   506.536.7380 

We are a team of professionals who care about you and truly compliment each other’s services. The best part is, we can come to you!

PrintChristina DeHaas, owner of YoglowA, is a DONA trained Doula, Certified Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Certified Hypopressive™ Low Pressure Fitness Teacher for Postnatal Restoration and Pelvic Floor Health, member of the International Hypopressive™ Institute and Hypopressive™ Canada who specializes in women’s pelvic health and wellness. She is dedicated to women re-claiming their inner power. christina@yoglowa.com

th-1747764107-600x768    Dawne Boorne is a very experienced Registered Massage Therapist, trained Labour Doula, Certified Yoga teacher and owner of Leela Yoga who is dedicated to helping women feel better in their body. www.bookeo.com/dvbrmt

Julie Jones is a heart-led, trained Doula who brings the tradition of the wise woman to modern times. She is very passionate about supporting women through their sacred transition into Mother by protecting and holding space for her. She believes that true pregnancy care must be led by a woman herself. julesljones@yahoo.ca

Gretchen Smith is a Doula, Reiki Master and Way of the Heart leader who teaches conscious parenting from pregnancy and beyond aiding the whole family as they settle into their new roles. 

Paula Arndt is a Naturotherapist, Registered Counsellor, Certified Hypnotherapist and who provides support for women to feel alight in their pregnancy and beyond.

 Double-Broccoli-Sprout   Darlene Teahen is a Naturopathic Consultant and Registered Holistic Nutritionist who is passionate about aiding people in committing to lifestyle changes using nutrition to feel in control of their ability to regain and maintain their health. www.darleneteahen.ca

Jennifer Ayer is a trained Midwife/Doula, Earth Medicine and Re-Wilding practitioner who offers unique gatherings that facilitate women healing and thriving through life- transitions. She has a vast amount of knowledge in traditional female healing professions.