GoingwithFlow_widgetYoglowA puts care back into health care because we encourage you to become conscious of the necessity of taking good care of yourself. Our services combine traditional yogic wisdom and healing practices with modern, revolutionary approaches for your vitality.

YoglowA’s team of professionals offers pre-teen females and women:

  • menarche (the onset of your period) guidebook for blossoming girls (shown) available for download on this site
  • unique events that celebrate female rites-of-passage from menarche to childbearing years and beyond
  • complete and complimentary range of Perinatal and Doula services
  • prenatal yoga, postnatal core restoration, parent and baby yoga classes and workshops

YoglowA’s team offers men:

  • functional exercise practices and one-on-one training in the revolutionary Hypopressive™ technique using Low Pressure Fitness for core stability and health
  • Facilitation of your rite-of-passage in becoming a parent with educational classes and tools for your role during labour, the birth of your child/ren and beyond