We offer various HaTha yoga intensives, workshops and classes in the Kripalu Tradition and Yin Tradition specializing in Core vitality, Perinatal yoga and body renewal.

Class Descriptions

Back and Core Vitality: combines poses that strengthen your entire core and maintain a healthy back for good posture and alignment.

Honouring Shakti: This series of poses, designed especially for women, resonates with our physical, emotional and mental makeup. These classes support women’s health and well being from breast tissue and hormone cycles to menopause and beyond, moving you into new and brighter experiences of yourself.

Dear Christina, I want to thank you for the yoga session…My sister and I loved it! It is interesting how you can learn different things from every yoga instructor- even after practicing awhile. Both my sister and I loved your woman-centered approach. Angie

Private Prenatal Yoga Classes or group sessions: takes you through a series of yoga poses that help ease the discomforts of pregnancy, align your body for optimum fetal positioning, contributes to your strength and courage for birth and motherhood.

  “I have learned a great deal from your sessions. Your kind, careful and thoughtful approach has been so helpful to me! I have recommended you to friends who are currently pregnant with the    hopes that they, too, can benefit from your knowledge, expertise and generous ways”. T.Bostick 

Parent/ Mom and Baby Yoga: This class helps encourage strong bonds with your child as you move together.  Learn how to strengthen and rejuvenate mom’s body while encouraging brain development and digestion in baby.  Also learn the 4 Tranquility Poses to settle fussy babies.