Female Rite-of-Passage Workshops & Events

We know how important it is to bring females together to honour young girls and women so we are here to help you celebrate female rites-of-passage in our modern world. In these busy times we understand you may not be able to take the time to do this so we plan and coordinate your event for you. That way you can attend the celebration and enjoy being with your intimate circle of friends without any stress.

 The first rite-of-passage

 Recently we have been helping parents celebrate the onset of their daughter’s menses (period) as this encouragement at the beginning helps reinforce a positive attitude for life. In her book, Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom, Dr. Christiane Northrup shares that a girl who is given positive suggestions about her menstrual cycle will be much less apt to suffer from any menstruation-related symptoms. The way we think about our bodies becomes the experience we will have every monthly cycle. We can be the ones who change perceptions beginning with our innocent daughters, most of whom love their bodies as they do not know anything different unless we teach them. By hosting an event to surround your daughter in informed and sacred understanding gives her the best gift a parent can give; the path to a healthy life.

Celebrating Menarche (Your daughter’s first Period)

This event takes place at your home (for your daughter’s comfort). Invite 4 to 6 blossoming girls and have at least one female caregiver there as well. Hosted in a tea party format and serving a specially created tea, we use teaching props to gently inform the girls about the cyclical nature of their bodies in an empowering way. We also provide a guidebook for your daughter filled with tools and activities to reinforce positive body knowledge. Call 506.536.7380 to book your gathering. $75

Going with your Flow                                             

A ‘Period’ workshop for 9 to 16 year old blossoming girls and their female care givers who want to celebrate this rite-of passage into womanhood. In this two hour workshop you will learn practices which provide Pre-Menstrual Strength & support healthy female cycles. It includes a specialized guidebook, gentle yoga, natural wisdom and refreshments.  $45 for you and your female caregiver and includes copy of the guidebook. Please pre-register.

PMStrength Workshop

Do you have PMS? Helping women help ourselves and each other to honour healthy cycles.  Shifting the paradigm from pre-menstrual syndromes to PRE-MENSTRUAL STRENGTH! This two hour workshop includes gentle yoga, natural wisdom and discussion over refreshments. $45 pre-registration is required.

 The second rite-of-passage

Pregnancy, labour and birth have a profound effect on women and their families. This event is a way for women to join together to celebrate a friend changing from maiden to mother in a really meaningful way.

A  BlessingWay

We offer years of experience hosting and attending these to honour pregnant women and let them know they are never alone in their birth experience.  A BlessingWay is held near the end of a pregnancy when the mother-to-be is in a place of transformation. Your guests participate in activities to empower your pregnant friend and support her having a positive experience in birth and beyond. This beautiful celebration of her shifting life cycle has been reclaimed by nurses, midwives and doulas to honour her female power. (2 hours)  $75 to $95 based on location

Working through the grief of a miscarriage or postpartum depression shouldn’t be done alone. It is essential that a woman be supported during this time so she can begin to shift her awareness towards positive memories.

A BurningWay

We host this powerful Fire ceremony for women to come together to share and release any negative or painful memories from their experience and to receive tools to stay focused on what went well. Together with your closest female friends we facilitate activities to cleanse negative miscarriage or birth thoughts, memories or trauma to help heal the body, mind and spirit. Your guests participate in these activities too so that they not only support you letting go but have an opportunity to put down something they also may be carrying so your friendships can grow stronger and more supportive of each other. (2 hours)  $95

 The third rite-of passage

 After Menopause and into later life a woman becomes the Crone or Wise Woman and we love to honour our elder women with our transition ceremony for this time.

Crowning Ceremony

We support you or a friend offering this gathering by providing supplies needed to set the intention for the ceremony along with an outline of transformative activities which we facilitate. You just have to send out the invitation and let us know how many are attending.  $75 to $95 based on location