Core Glow Hypopressives

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Our trained professional will teach you the Low Pressure Fitness Hypopressive™ Technique that may change your core for life. HMClogoTM2

The Hypopressive™ technique uses revolutionary, effective low pressure breathing and postures for better body health.  It has recently become recognized in North America for its wide range of benefits for core rehabilitation, maintenance and treatment for optimum pelvic floor health.

Our Level 1 trained professional will teach you the basic postures and the breathing technique and work with you one-on-one or in a small class until you have mastered at least four poses. 

Our core is a complex inner system that is crucial to our every move as the detailed network of muscles and ligaments supports our bladder, bowel, uterus, vagina, pelvic bones and back.  This non-surgical treatment for core re-programming uses yoga-like poses and diaphragmatic myofascial release exercises that stimulate the body and feel great. The technique aids in the recovery of various types of pelvic floor dysfunctions such as prolapse and/or bladder incontinence at any age or stage in life, female or male.

Hypopressive postures can be taught during pregnancy to care for the body and prepare for your future but the breathing would not be added until the postpartum period.

It is especially beneficial for postnatal core restoration and is part of the postnatal protocol in many European countries today. Here we highly recommended that you see a pelvic physiotherapist to diagnose your pelvic health at your earliest convenience.

Hypopressives help postpartum_2016

copied with permission from T. Zinn

This practice helps rebuild your core after the downward force of giving birth and helps replace internal organs and your strength while you carry your new baby on the outside of the body so you build back up to your pre-pregnancy workout carefully.

The Hypopressive™ technique has been taught to qualified professionals to achieve results in a gentle, non invasive way that will restore the student’s peace of mind and body image.

 Main objectives:

  • To tone up the abdominal-perineal muscles. 
  • To bring about better postures. 
  • To prevent all types of hernia (abdominal, vaginal).
  • To regulate and/or improve respiratory parameters.
  • Prevention and/or reduction of incontinence symptoms.
  • Improvement in management of intra-abdominal pressure.
  • To increase and regulate vascularising factors.
  • Prevention of articular and muscular injuries.
  • To provide an effective lumbar-pelvic protection.
  • As with all physical exercise, to provide well-being and pleasure.


This technique is contraindicated for anyone with serious digestive diseases such as Crohn’s disease or when experiencing active Irritable Bowl Syndrome.